Natural Paws

Proudly made in the USA from the finest organic botanicals available, our herbal paw & skin blends are formulated to absorb quickly into the dog’s skin, so you can finally ditch the foot bandages, medications, and embarrassing e-collars.
EARoma thEARapy is the industry’s first and only sprayable ear wash, using a small fraction of the amount of liquid you’d use with a conventional pour-in wash, so you can clean ears without flooding them. This innovation is more pleasant for dog and human alike, keeping excess moisture out and preventing recurring ear infections.
Ditch The Itch is our newest offering, finally giving a natural relief for even the itchiest dogs, without the use of steroids, chemicals, or ingested anti-histamines.
Natural Paws products are all non-stinging and safe if licked, with approval from Veterinarians, groomers, and dogs of all kinds! With Natural Paws, you can simply sit, spray, and go play!

Dry Clean Dog

Everyone loves a clean dog, but giving dogs frequent baths can be challenging, and can dry the dog’s skin out. Thinking outside of the tub, Dry Clean Dog is the perfect solution for a dog who needs sprucing up (or who just plain smells!). It sprays over the dog’s coat, and when toweled off, takes the dirt, dust, and oils along with it. The dog is left feeling refreshed, and smelling great! Use Dry Clean Dog when a bath isn’t in the cards…Post-surgery, In cold weather, between baths, incontinence episodes, time doesn’t permit, camping, when dog got into something stinky…

Ditch The Itch

Anyone with an itchy dog knows the frustration of listening to the chewing, scratching, and nibbling at all hours of the night and day. We’re willing to try just about anything to be rid of that itchy irritation in our dogs, so we can all rest easy.
At Natural Paws, Ditch The Itch is the answer to our customers’ pleas. You asked for an all-over spray for dogs with extremely itchy skin. Your told us that your dogs were “allergic to the world”, and needed a relief spray that would help your dogs Ditch The Itch without the use of steroids or chemicals, and we’re proud to present exactly that.
Simply shake it up, spray it wherever your dog is itchy, and give your dog a wink, because you know he’s about to breathe a sigh of relief. Use as often as needed, knowing that like all of our products, Ditch the Itch contains only organic plant ingredients which are safe if licked.

EARoma thEARapy

Natural Paws presents the world’s first SPRAYABLE ear wash!
EARoma thEARapy™ delivers Natural Paws’ signature botanical bliss to your dog’s ears, making it possible to clean the ears without flooding the ear canals. Using less product with the spray application is more comfortable for the dog, less wasteful and messy for you, and keeps infections at bay due to a drier environment in the ear canal. This unique herbal blend gently cleanses, soothes, and disinfects ears with none of the mess. As with all Natural Paws products, EARoma thEARapy is veterinarian recommended. Clean and easy to use, the spray application leaves ears feeling fresh, smelling of Lemongrass and Eucalyptus.


Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws

Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws is Natural Paws’ original topical spray for dogs, harnessing organic botanicals to nourish dry, cracked paw pads on contact, while stopping licking & chewing habits of the paws and skin. This sprayable, natural blend of organic essential oils and herbal infusion brings soothing relief to dry, licked or chewed paws, itchy skin, hot spots, lick granulomas, and more.

With a blissful lavender and tea tree aromatherapy, the healing begins with instant calming, itch relief, and nourishing moisture. With regular use, your dog’s foot pads and skin will become stronger, more supple, and smoother to the touch. Hot summer pavement, icy winter sidewalks, allergens, and chemicals in the soil can take a toll on delicate paw pads. But with just a few sprays you can take your dog’s paws and pads from dry & tagged, to soothed & refreshed.

Sweet Pea’s GentlePaws

Sweet Pea’s GentlePaws is Natural Paws’ solution to allergy-sensitive dogs’ itchy paws and skin. It focuses on reducing allergic inflammation, and cooling the burn of hot spots without the sting of alcohol or the dangers of parabens and chemicals, so the dog can finally stop licking these irritated areas for relief. When skin becomes itchy or painful, licking is the natural instinct of a dog. But licking these inflamed areas simply dries them out further, and relief becomes temporary, causing a habit and a worse problem.

This organic blend of essential oils and extracts has been carefully selected, to offer soothing relief to dry, itchy paws and hot spots, bringing inflammation and redness to a cooler, calmer place without irritating your dog’s sensitive skin. Sweet Pea’s GentlePaws contains none of the common canine allergens, and the aroma of orange & chamomile is mild enough to make it a valuable treatment you can even use on your pooch’s nose.

Sweet Pea’s ActivePaws

Next to you of course, Sweet Pea’s ActivePaws is the active dog’s best friend! Working dogs, agility dogs, service dogs, and really super-athletic dogs tend to put on a lot of miles, and sometimes those miles can leave paw pads deeply cracked and sore.

We’ve developed Sweet Pea’s ActivePaws to specifically promote strength and cellular repair, mending deep cracks in paw pad skin. As with all botanical blends, each ingredient performs several tasks, from promoting strong, springy footpads to repelling bugs and providing healing relief from infections.

If your dog likes to work hard, play hard, or both, Sweet Pea’s ActivePaws is the quick and easy solution you’ve been looking for.