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TenderPaws original paw pad spray brings soothing relief to dry, irritated paws & hot spots. 

Dogs can develop licking/chewing of paws, due to environmental allergens like grass or pollen, chemicals like pesticides and ice melters, and surfaces such as cement and tile which pull moisture from pads. Dogs lick to soothe, which will end up drying them out more, and this develops the cycle we are breaking.

TenderPaws draws out toxins, moisturizes paw pads, and resolves urges for licking and chewing.



Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws™ is the power-packed original paw pad spray, nourishing your best friend’s hard-working paws and hot spots on contact.

Dogs often develop habitual licking and chewing of their paws. This is usually due to the chemicals in our world (pesticides, weed-killers, carpet treatments, etc), allergens in the environment, and walking surfaces like pavement & tile which draw moisture from their paw pads. They lick to soothe, which will end up drying them out even more, and this develops the cycle we are here to break.

With just a few sprays after a walk or a bath or before bed, you can take your dog’s pads from dry & rough to soothed and refreshed. TenderPaws works hard to draw out the toxins, moisturize and re-vitalize the paw pads, and remove the feelings which cause the behavior of licking and chewing.

Carefully developed to give dog paw pads the organic elements needed for instant recovery from today’s not-so-natural world, Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws™ is your first line of defense to take your best friend right back to nature. Made from the finest botanicals available, we’re proud to share this non-toxic, organic paw spray.

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Distilled Water, Essential Oil Blend (safflower, avocado, flax seed, vitamin E, tea tree, lavender), Leaf & Flower Extracts (Aloe, Neem, Pau D’Arco, Nettle, Amica, Chamomile, Calendula, Comfrey), Wheat Protein, Grapefruit seed extract, Potassium sorbate.

3 reviews for Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws

  1. Brittney Davis (verified owner)

    This product really has been a life saver for our Dachshund Gangster. He had severe issues with his skin that began as licking and then progressed to chewing and biting resulting in open wounds and hair loss. He has been on antibiotics, special soaps and steroids for years. No product worked like this one has. Within one week, the licking and biting almost completely stopped, after two weeks the wounds began to heal and by three weeks, his hair had grown back. And to top things off, the smell he was omitting before was gone. (He is the photo in the before and after section that shows a black leg) We ran out of our spray and once again he is biting and itching. Back to ordering more of this spray. We are very grateful for this product for it’s amazing price and it’s effectiveness.

  2. Desiree (verified owner)

    Being an English bulldog owner let me rephrase that being owned by an English bulldog you become a backseat veterinarian.
    Bella has always had issues with her paws.She would lick and chew her paws they become yeasty and at times very inflamed. Her Vet wanted to put her on antibiotic or some sort of powder or a cream. This is where you must become a backseat vet. As we all know that can cause more yeast hold moisture and not healing. Bella does not like or will let anyone mess with her paws. When I came across Natural paws I thought to myself I really cannot deal with another product. I have tried everything under the sun. Then I thought at this point what do I have to lose this will be the last one I try. I am so happy I did TenderPaws is just amazing. Within two days her paws were getting better. To my surprise Bella lets me spray TenderPaws onto her feet and now lets me touch her paws. The ingredients are all pure and natural no chemicals at all. I love when I apply TenderPaws because there is no doubt it is so soothing to my girl. Bella now stands there and waits for me to do her pedicure. Her chewing and licking has significantly decreased the redness and swelling is going away the yeast is clearing up. I am so grateful for Tender Paws I cannot be without it. I’m reordering now to make sure I never run out. Elyse I need autoship!

  3. Feedback

    “we have 2 maltese who had growths on their paws.
    Since the TenderPaws is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti fungal, we thought we’d give it a try.
    Both growths went away saving one doggy from surgery.” -Linda Den Beste, Owner of Hug N Pups Grooming

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