Despite leg and hip limitations for Preston and Lola, they run and jump hard and fast. The puppies were showing wear and tear on their pads that could not be explained or ignored—coarse, rough texture, multiple cracks of the foot leather, and eventual tearing of the pad cover to reveal bloody cartilage below the surface of the pad. Lola and Preston’s paw pads had become so damaged, they were both limping to walk, in addition to dealing with their leg and hip restrictions.
When we met Elyse at Natural Paws at the dog show at West World, Scottsdale, March 2011, we purchased the TenderPaws product and began to use it the same day. Within 3 days of treatment, Lola and Preston’s pads began to respond and show visible and tactile improvement.
These dogs did not respond to any paw treatment product bought and tried before Tender Paws.
A third family dog that benefits from Tender Paws is a recently rescued reindeer Chihuahua named Henri.
When we looked at Henri’s paw pads, we noticed that except for a narrow ring around the edge of each pad, the pads were not a normal dark brown/black color. The interior pad color was a milky white/milky pale pink. We deduced that perhaps his pads had once been burned from high temperature surfaces. After using Tender Paws on Henri’s pads, a normal dark paw pad color is returning, and his paw pads are healthy.
As for Lola and Preston’s paw pads, my single regret is that we did not photograph the “before” paw pads—now that the “after” paw pads look and feel It is hard to believe that paw pads could have looked as injured and neglected as they did. Elyse, thank you for your determination in creating and manufacturing products to solve this hugely important health problem—no other product even came close!