Our family is pretty new to Natural Paws, but LOVING it!! We have 3 dogs, all rescues: a 6 year old boy corgi named Hemi, a 3 year old Canaan girl named Nibbler, and a 10 month old boxer/bully girl named Bug. I originally bought the Active Paws spray for Bug. She runs 3-5 miles daily and I wanted something that would help keep her paws in good condition. And Active Paws has definitely done that. But it’s done so much more than what I bought it for…
Our corgi, Hemi, has problems with his feet. Because of his short legs and stout body, he’s always had an issue with “knuckling”. His knuckles get scraped and he rubs his nails down to the quick if we aren’t careful about how much he is walking. Because of these problems, and us having to tend to his, at times, bloody paws, he has become very sensitive about us touching his feet. He always fears pain is coming. But I started using Active Paws on him. And while the first time or two he was still uncomfortable, it must have felt really good to him because now, it’s like his “spa” time. He loves getting his paws sprayed and rubbed down with Active Paws.
And as great as that has been for our relationship, Active Paws has still done even more for us. My white boxer/bully, Bug, has extremely sensitive skin. On several occasions she has broken out in hives due to coming in contact with a chemical (first in a shampoo, then in bubbles, and then again with flea and tick treatments). I came to Natural Paws asking what to do, I can’t keep putting my dogs health and comfort at risk by exposing her to chemicals, I wanted to find a natural alternative for preventing fleas and ticks. Natural Paws informed me I already had the tool I needed… Active Paws. It turns out Active Paws already has Neem and Cedar oils in it, both of which are used as natural insect repellants. I couldn’t be more relieved. I know Bug already does well with Natural Paws, and so it’s amazing to be able to use it as a flea and tick treatment as well.
Natural Paws is helping our four-pawed family to live a closer, healthier, happier chemical-free life together. On behalf of my family, THANK YOU Natural Paws!!