I have been using Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws on Misha. Although I don’t think she cares all that much about using your product, I, and everyone else DO! 🙂 She’s had rough pads ever since I adopted her nearly 8 years ago, and apparently someone who had her before me taught her to sit up, AND paw in the air. I’ve tried to break her of it, but she continues to do it. It’s especially painful when she sits up, and paws at you.. reaching out, and getting your legs, if you have shorts on. Always leaves scratches from her pads & nails. …thanks to Sweet Pea’s products, it doesn’t hurt when she does do this 😉 So I, as well as anyone else she’s done this to, thanks you! Now, as long as I keep her nails trimmed, her paws aren’t rough anymore. 🙂