Dear Elyse,

Thank you for the Natural Paws products. We had a sharpie-mix, Hope, who was born with a deformity of her right hand. Her pad was misshaped, so she carried a lot of her weight on  normal skin, not the thicker pad. The Lavender & Tea Tree, then the Cedar & Tea Tree sprays worked amazingly on her….her foot would be inflamed and tender….I’d give it a spray before bedtime and by the next morning she was walking normally. Unfortunately, we lost Hope to cancer last year. Now, with two new rescues, Maddie and Abbie, it seems both of them have itchy ears — no infection or yeast, but they scratch and scratch. I used the ear spray on Maddie  a few nights ago. She’s a fussy one and didn’t seem to mind the spray. I haven’t seen any of that crazy itching since using the spray.

Thank you for the natural products. I have always tried to steer clear of chemicals, if possible. After losing two dogs to hemangiosarcoma (Hope in March and Beagle, Winston on Christmas Day) last year, I am so much more cautious of what chemicals come into our house. I am glad to have found your products…and they really do work.

Terrie L