When we first got Dodi, she had been on the streets for a long time, she was picked up caked with mud, filthy and pregnant. She was in foster care for two months until the puppies were born and weaned and adopted. She came directly to us. She had bilateral ear infections – bilateral eye infections – her hair had fallen out and she had infection in her body, scratched all over and caused bleeding in her feet and on her body.. We got her on a Sunday from a rescue, and on Monday, I took her to the vet – she has recovered completely from everything – the last holdout were her feet. She kept chewing on them and they were bleeding. I used Sweet Pea’s GentlePaws every day. After a week, the chewing stopped, the hair grew back, and there is ZERO problem. This stuff is amazing. Our nurse said what good stuff it has in it. I told our vet about it and anyone who says how cute Dodie is, which is quite a contingent.