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Dry Shampoo For Dogs? Absolutely, and Here’s Why!

Dog snuggling equals happiness, we all know that. Especially so if your dog is nice and clean (BLISS!), not stinky and oily (YUCK!).   But bath time with dogs can be a major pain in the fur, especially if your dog isn’t so keen on the idea. Not to mention that...

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3 Effective Ways to Keep Dog Allergies to a Minimum

It’s Springtime, and everything is in bloom. Here in Arizona, this tends to mean that yellow flowers and green grasses & shrubs are plentiful. It’s so pretty to see, and it’s a joy to venture out into it for hikes, walks, and other outdoor adventures while it’s so lovely out. But if you’re sensitive to the pollen and grasses, it’s tough to enjoy the beauty without feeling the affects.

Dogs are no stranger to these allergies, and those with seasonal allergies (rather than an allergy to an ingested trigger like food) will do whatever it takes to find a moment of relief. Who can blame them? It’s rough to suddenly have itchy feet, itchy skin, and irritated ears & eyes! For a dog, finding relief on thier own tends to consist of

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Nature is a Multi-Tasker?!

One of the really wonderful things about the tremendous healing in nature is that there’s typically not one lone benefit for any one herbal species. There can actually be many benefits of each plant, which is such a gift! So why do many natural products contain so many similar ingredients? Are the products with fewer ingredients safer, or are they more effective? Is more better?

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Winter 2016 Upcoming Events

The Desert Botanical Gardens puts on a great event, and this most recent "Dog Days in the Garden" event was the best one we've had the pleasure of attending. It's a rarity to find an opportunity to bring your dog into the DBG, and so many people take advantage of this...

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Positive Training to Prevent Pet Loss

 Ever since we adopted our first dog, Sweet Pea, we’ve been on a journey of learning and of teaching. We started by signing Sweet Pea up for an 8-week puppy training course, and quickly realized that everything we were doing in class was teaching us, the humans, how...

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Hello, Cooper!

We are so surprised and happy to announce the addition of Cooper to the Natural Paws Pack! Cooper is a sweet young gentleman we met at a Stealing Hearts Rescue adoption event last Saturday, January 30. Well, suffice it to say that we all just fell in love the moment...

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Figuring Out The Puzzle Of Your Dog

We’ve had our little rescue mutt, Lilly, for exactly 531 days. That’s just about a year and a half, for those keeping track. In that time, the lessons have already started pouring in…and just when I thought I had my finger on the pulse of everything “dog”. It’s not...

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Behind The Product – Elyse Horvath – Natural Paws Interview

Behind The Product sits down with Elyse Horvath from Natural Paws to discuss their natural and healthy way to to provide care for common, but important health issues like ear health, paw health and more. Elyse shares the story behind the company, their mission, how it...

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Your Dog Is Ready To Ditch The Itch!

If you know Natural Paws, you know that everything we've done from 2003 on was to make Sweet Pea feel better...naturally. She was our inspiration, and we were able to help SO many others with the same problems she had, to feel better too.   Now that we've had to...

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How to Stop your Dog’s Ear Infections with Sprayable Ear Wash

When an unpleasant but necessary task has been done the same way throughout the years, it can be tough to take a step back and ask, “Is there a better way?”   HOW IT STARTS | In the case of cleaning our dogs’ ears, let’s touch briefly of the anatomy of the canal....

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All About Lilly

All About Lilly Lilly is a sweet, playful, smart five and a half month old puppy.  She’s a rescue mutt, but since she was born while her mother was in foster care, she has been lucky to have had a very happy life.  Here’s a little about her quirky little self, to help...

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LILLY…a new beginning!

We found her picture on Petfinder, after looking at a few hundred pictures and visiting only 3 adoption events.  There had been no shortage of adorable dogs in need of homes prior to this, but none of them jumped out at us as “our dog”.  Until now.  “Take a look at...

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In Memory of Sweet Pea

We are so deeply heartbroken to bring the news of Sweet Pea’s passing to her dear friends and fans. Sweet Pea crossed the rainbow bridge on June 13, 2014, in the loving arms of her family. She is profoundly missed in every aspect of our lives. We will continue to mourn her passing, while finding the strength to revel in the countless, wonderful memories she has blessed our days and years with. She was our first child, our children’s first pet, our soul companion, and our greatest teacher.

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