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Elyse & Sweet Pea

I’ve always been crazy about dogs. In May 2003, my husband and I were lucky to become the proud parents of Sweet Pea, an adorable Cocker Spaniel puppy, and our first dog together. She won us over instantly, finding her place at the foot of our bed and the center of our lives. She also became my partner as I transitioned into a runner, and our runs together have been a special highlight of my life ever since. Living in the extreme heat of Arizona, I noticed early on that Sweet Pea’s paw pads were really getting worn. They were looking run-down, even though she was still a pup.

They soon had tags and cracks, and I wanted nothing more than to find her some relief. (Not to mention, our couches and bedding were quickly showing puppy-wear!) The worst part, and the turning point, was seeing how much time she spent licking her paw pads.

Determined to find a solution, I started looking to see what products were available. I was surprised to find that there was literally nothing to match our needs, of being natural, safe, and easily absorbed.

It seemed I had a new calling and a career change, and I never looked back!

A lot of research and over a year later, with help from a great friend; an herbalist, natural product & peptide chemist with an impressive background in zoology and botany (amongst other things) produced more than what was envisioned originally when looking for a product for Sweet Pea’s paw pads.

I have continued creating natural products to improve Sweet Pea’s life, and hope to improve your dogs’ lives as well!

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Natural Paws creates effective, holistic remedies using nature’s abundance, to relieve common discomforts in dogs, keeping paws, skin, ears, coat, and psyche feeling healthy and well. Natural Paws offers pet parents natural, organic solutions which are endorsed and prescribed by veterinarians, and loved by savvy dog parents. Our holistic approach safely soothes & relaxes dogs, reducing discomfort without the use of chemicals and steroids. We love helping you to become the hero of your dog’s care routine, bringing our signature Botanical Bliss to your home and giving you the power to relieve discomfort when it strikes.

Sourcing sustainable, organic ingredients and recyclable packaging is one of the many ways Natural Paws makes responsible choices every day. But we like to take it a few steps further whenever possible!

We care deeply about our community, the pets in need, and the animals who serve our community. That’s why we make the choice to regularly give back.

Natural Paws has made a habit of donating our natural paw & skin products to local and national animal rescue organizations (All About Animals Rescue, Arizona Cocker Rescue, AZ Golden Retriever Connection, Jacksonville Humane Society, 2 Million Dogs, Rescue a Golden of Arizona), organizations facilitating dogs who serve our communities (Arizona Search Dogs, Gabriel’s Angels, Phoenix Children’s Hospital), and community events which raise money for animal welfare (Paws On The Patio, Dogathon supporting AZ Humane Society, PACC911 Adopt-a-Thon supporting Home Fur Good, Bowl-A-Rama supporting PACC911 charities, Doggy Date Night supporting Lost Our Home Rescue, Puppy Up! supporting 2 Million Dogs, to name a few…).

If you’re involved with an organization which helps dogs in need, or helps get therapy dogs to people in need, send us an email stating how our products would help your cause, and we’ll consider adding you to our rotating donation schedule! Please note that with SO many organizations to be thankful for, we cannot accept every request we receive.

YOU can feel great knowing that part of every purchase at Natural Paws, helps us to better our world, one paw at a time! Thank you!

Natural Paws has had the opportunity to receive highlights and product spotlights in such media outlets as Dog Fancy, Fido Friendly, Pet Age Magazine, Pet Products International, Animal Wellness Magazine, Integrative Veterinary Care, and others. Blogger reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and are posted in our “News” section.

Natural Paws is a proud member of Local First Arizona, and Elyse is a professional member of Women In The Pet Industry.





Natural Paws’ Mission

  • Natural Paws will help pet parents to nurture the pets who give so much, seeking only love in return.
  • Natural Paws will create effective, natural products, which improve the well-being of dogs.
  • Natural Paws will continually and consistently give back to the community by supporting local & national animal welfare groups. Semi-annual product donations, booth appearances at rescue and spay/neuter events, and monetary donations will be ongoing.

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