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Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws

My two very active dogs, a Jack Russell and Mini-Schnauzer, are outside in the yard most of the day. They run on lawn, concrete, cooldeck and rocks, so their paws take a beating in the Arizona sun. They have been using Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws for about a year now, and we are all very pleased… Read more “Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws”

Bart S., dad to Chloe & Gandy, Arizona
Chloe & Gandy


I have been using (Sweet Pea’s) TenderPaws with the lavender.  Josie loves it for the aromatherapy – it relaxes her at night and she makes such contented noises. Pretty… Read more “TenderPaws”

Carole L, AZ

Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws

“Ruff! Ruff ruff ruff ruff. Grrrrrrrruff ruff ruff-ruff RUFF…rrrruff ruff-ruff-ruff-ruff! grrrrrruff.” (Translation: Before my mom and dad started putting Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws on my paw pads, they were dry, cracked, and itchy. But now they are soft and smooth, just the way I like them, and I feel so much more… Read more “Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws”

Ned, NYC

Active Paws

I race a dog in flyball and bought Active Paws for her at the Mill Ave Art Fest.  It is the best.  I want to gift it to my friends in flyball as well.… Read more “Active Paws”

Mary, AZ

Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws

Ned’s paws were rough and dry, to the point that they would shred some of our blankets. Whether we were walking him in the winter through streets full of ice and salt, in the summer on hot sidewalks, or any time of year through parks and dog runs in the city, TenderPaws helped smooth his… Read more “Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws”

Alena, mom to Ned, New York

Tender Paws

Just wanted to let you know – I bought the Tender Paws spray on Sunday.  Daisy Mae’s pad was cracked and bleeding Sunday.  By Tuesday afternoon, it was healed up, and she wasn’t limping!  I am very happy with the results and will recommend it whenever I can.    Thank… Read more “Tender Paws”

Gail S., AZ
Daisy Mae

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