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Our family is pretty new to Natural Paws, but LOVING it!! We have 3 dogs, all rescues: a 6 year old boy corgi named Hemi, a 3 year old Canaan girl named Nibbler, and a 10 month old boxer/bully girl named Bug. I originally bought the Active Paws spray for Bug. She runs 3-5 miles daily and I wanted something that would help keep her paws in good condition. And Active Paws has definitely done that. But it’s done so much more than what I bought it for…
Our corgi, Hemi, has problems with his feet. Because of his short legs and stout body, he’s always had an issue with “knuckling”. His knuckles get scraped and he rubs his nails down to the quick if we aren’t careful about how much he is walking. Because of these problems, and us having to tend to his, at times, bloody paws, he has become very sensitive about us touching his feet. He always fears pain is coming. But I started using Active Paws on him. And while the first time or two he was still uncomfortable, it must have felt really good to him because now, it’s like his “spa” time. He loves getting his paws sprayed and rubbed down with Active Paws.
And as great as that has been for our relationship, Active Paws has still done even more for us. My white boxer/bully, Bug, has extremely sensitive skin. On several occasions she has broken out in hives due to coming in contact with a chemical (first in a shampoo, then in bubbles, and then again with flea and tick treatments). I came to Natural Paws asking what to do, I can’t keep putting my dogs health and comfort at risk by exposing her to chemicals, I wanted to find a natural alternative for preventing fleas and ticks. Natural Paws informed me I already had the tool I needed… Active Paws. It turns out Active Paws already has Neem and Cedar oils in it, both of which are used as natural insect repellants. I couldn’t be more relieved. I know Bug already does well with Natural Paws, and so it’s amazing to be able to use it as a flea and tick treatment as well.
Natural Paws is helping our four-pawed family to live a closer, healthier, happier chemical-free life together. On behalf of my family, THANK YOU Natural Paws!!

I’m so excited! After my doberman pinscher Zeus got a bad cut on his paw on a bike ride because they were already dry and cracked, I take his paw pad care VERY seriously. Thank you very much for making this!

I have been using Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws on Misha. Although I don’t think she cares all that much about using your product, I, and everyone else DO! 🙂 She’s had rough pads ever since I adopted her nearly 8 years ago, and apparently someone who had her before me taught her to sit up, AND paw in the air. I’ve tried to break her of it, but she continues to do it. It’s especially painful when she sits up, and paws at you.. reaching out, and getting your legs, if you have shorts on. Always leaves scratches from her pads & nails. …thanks to Sweet Pea’s products, it doesn’t hurt when she does do this 😉 So I, as well as anyone else she’s done this to, thanks you! Now, as long as I keep her nails trimmed, her paws aren’t rough anymore. 🙂

Our dog Schultz & his paws really appreciate this product. It’s so much easier to use than anything else I’ve tried & it really works.

Despite leg and hip limitations for Preston and Lola, they run and jump hard and fast. The puppies were showing wear and tear on their pads that could not be explained or ignored—coarse, rough texture, multiple cracks of the foot leather, and eventual tearing of the pad cover to reveal bloody cartilage below the surface of the pad. Lola and Preston’s paw pads had become so damaged, they were both limping to walk, in addition to dealing with their leg and hip restrictions.
When we met Elyse at Natural Paws at the dog show at West World, Scottsdale, March 2011, we purchased the TenderPaws product and began to use it the same day. Within 3 days of treatment, Lola and Preston’s pads began to respond and show visible and tactile improvement.
These dogs did not respond to any paw treatment product bought and tried before Tender Paws.
A third family dog that benefits from Tender Paws is a recently rescued reindeer Chihuahua named Henri.
When we looked at Henri’s paw pads, we noticed that except for a narrow ring around the edge of each pad, the pads were not a normal dark brown/black color. The interior pad color was a milky white/milky pale pink. We deduced that perhaps his pads had once been burned from high temperature surfaces. After using Tender Paws on Henri’s pads, a normal dark paw pad color is returning, and his paw pads are healthy.
As for Lola and Preston’s paw pads, my single regret is that we did not photograph the “before” paw pads—now that the “after” paw pads look and feel It is hard to believe that paw pads could have looked as injured and neglected as they did. Elyse, thank you for your determination in creating and manufacturing products to solve this hugely important health problem—no other product even came close!

My paws don’t hurt!

Our dog Phoebe Moocow uses your products and does fabulous!

Dear Elyse,

Thank you for the Natural Paws products. We had a sharpie-mix, Hope, who was born with a deformity of her right hand. Her pad was misshaped, so she carried a lot of her weight on  normal skin, not the thicker pad. The Lavender & Tea Tree, then the Cedar & Tea Tree sprays worked amazingly on her….her foot would be inflamed and tender….I’d give it a spray before bedtime and by the next morning she was walking normally. Unfortunately, we lost Hope to cancer last year. Now, with two new rescues, Maddie and Abbie, it seems both of them have itchy ears — no infection or yeast, but they scratch and scratch. I used the ear spray on Maddie  a few nights ago. She’s a fussy one and didn’t seem to mind the spray. I haven’t seen any of that crazy itching since using the spray.

Thank you for the natural products. I have always tried to steer clear of chemicals, if possible. After losing two dogs to hemangiosarcoma (Hope in March and Beagle, Winston on Christmas Day) last year, I am so much more cautious of what chemicals come into our house. I am glad to have found your products…and they really do work.

Terrie L

When we first got Dodi, she had been on the streets for a long time, she was picked up caked with mud, filthy and pregnant. She was in foster care for two months until the puppies were born and weaned and adopted. She came directly to us. She had bilateral ear infections – bilateral eye infections – her hair had fallen out and she had infection in her body, scratched all over and caused bleeding in her feet and on her body.. We got her on a Sunday from a rescue, and on Monday, I took her to the vet – she has recovered completely from everything – the last holdout were her feet. She kept chewing on them and they were bleeding. I used Sweet Pea’s GentlePaws every day. After a week, the chewing stopped, the hair grew back, and there is ZERO problem. This stuff is amazing. Our nurse said what good stuff it has in it. I told our vet about it and anyone who says how cute Dodie is, which is quite a contingent.

We’ve been using your products on our Boxer; Annie’s sensitive paws for a few years, its  really seems to soothe her pads.

Thank you!

I have a black Lab named Nala. I take her jogging with me and I noticed that her paws were always dry and they scratched me when she would even touch me with them. I used (Sweet Pea’s) TenderPaws once and noticed an immediate difference! I love this product and love that the product is all natural as well. I also love that it smells wonderful! Her feet don’t smell like dog feet anymore.

Just wanted to say thanks!

I have 2 Rotties prone to skin conditions and this helped hot spots on one and dry, cracked paw pads on the other.

Thanks for taking the time to create it.  Sweet Pea was very lucky to find you and we’re grateful that you were so inspired.

It took a while for Bentley to get use to me paying so much attention to his feet, but now he will gladly submit to the pampering and love! And what a difference it has made! Until Elyse introduced this product to me, I had no idea that my pooch’s paws needed attention. Both Bentley and I thank you for creating such a great thing!

Hi Elyse,

I met you at AZ Dog Sports with my husky, Hobie. I purchased Sweet Pea’s Tender Paws and wanted to let you know that Hobie really enjoys the spray and finds the scent soothing to him.

My Saki has seasonal allergies and she was always gnawing at her paws. I used Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws on Saki’s paws, and she immediately stopped chewing on them. The best part is that she smells so lovely now, and she knows it! Thanks for improving an old dog’s life.

Just wanted to let you know – I bought the Tender Paws spray on Sunday.  Daisy Mae’s pad was cracked and bleeding Sunday.  By Tuesday afternoon, it was healed up, and she wasn’t limping!  I am very happy with the results and will recommend it whenever I can.    Thank you!

Ned’s paws were rough and dry, to the point that they would shred some of our blankets. Whether we were walking him in the winter through streets full of ice and salt, in the summer on hot sidewalks, or any time of year through parks and dog runs in the city, TenderPaws helped smooth his paws so he licks them less, and our bedding can stay in one piece.
I keep Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws at my bedside so I can spray it before we go to sleep, not only on Ned’s paws, but on my own skin! The ingredients are all natural, with many of my favorite aromas and ingredients, so why not? It’s tough to find a higher quality product for the price for humans, let alone pets, than Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws.

I race a dog in flyball and bought Active Paws for her at the Mill Ave Art Fest.  It is the best.  I want to gift it to my friends in flyball as well. Thanks!

“Ruff! Ruff ruff ruff ruff. Grrrrrrrruff ruff ruff-ruff RUFF…rrrruff ruff-ruff-ruff-ruff! grrrrrruff.”
(Translation: Before my mom and dad started putting Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws on my paw pads, they were dry, cracked, and itchy. But now they are soft and smooth, just the way I like them, and I feel so much more handsome!)

I have been using (Sweet Pea’s) TenderPaws with the lavender.  Josie loves it for the aromatherapy – it relaxes her at night and she makes such contented noises. Pretty funny.

My two very active dogs, a Jack Russell and Mini-Schnauzer, are outside in the yard most of the day. They run on lawn, concrete, cooldeck and rocks, so their paws take a beating in the Arizona sun. They have been using Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws for about a year now, and we are all very pleased with the results. Their paws are no longer dry and chafed and have remained smooth and soft since we started using Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws. Whether you walk your dog once a day or they are out all the time, I recommend trying this amazing product for both their safety and health.

I bought the spray at the Tempe Arts Fest today and tried it out.  My Schnauzer had no problem at all – “Yea!  You’re petting me and paying attention to me!  Hey, what’s that spray?  Oh – OK, go ahead” he seemed to say.

But my 2-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback completely disagreed!  “No way Jose, back that freight train up and back off!”

I was very happy you posted some info on your FAQ page.  I’ll try spraying it on my hand and patting his paws with it.

Thx for the tip!

By the way – I didn’t catch their names at the Festival – but your people were SOOO nice!  In fact, they were absolutely the nicest vendors I met on Sunday.

The Natural Paws (products) seemed to soothe her so she wasn’t constantly licking her feet…I
think that did it! I still spray her feet about once a week, but her hair has grown back on her feet where she was licking & she’s not so manic about it anymore.

Wally’s feet seem to be doing better and he’s chewing less. Thanks a bunch.

Check out what the fabulous pet blogger extraordinaire Fidose of Reality had to say about Natural Paws’ products!

Just wanted to let you know – I bought the Tender Paws spray at the Mercury game on Sunday. Daisy Mae’s pad was cracked and bleeding by Sunday nite. By Tuesday afternoon, it was healed up, and she wasn’t limping! I am very happy with the results and will recommend it whenever I can. Thank you!

Woodys doing well. (Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws) has worked really well on the tips of his ears. His paws look good, I never realized how big his feet were before!

My name is Kristin. I am a 41 yr old with a brain tumor and MS. I have a service dog named Saul. He has changed my life in so many ways. He is my Guardian Angel. I picked the perfect name for him because his name means “prayed for” and I prayed for him to come into my life. You see before Saul my life was very limited. I could not go out by myself and I had no independence. There are no words to describe the freedom and the way he has changed my life. He helps me up off the floor when I get down and can’t get up, he detects my seizures and helps me get to safety. He also balances me when I loose my balance. I always worried about his paws and then I found this wonderful product called Natural Paws and his paws have never been better. He no longer has cracked dried out paws. He now lets me touch his paws which makes it easier for me to get his boots on. Thank you so much for this product. I also wanted you to know that I have used this product on all of my dogs and I have sent this product to other service dog friends.

She’s doing great – I think we’ve just about emptied the first bottle and I’ve been thinking about trying ActivePaws next. Her feet were really torn up.
It took a few days of getting her to make the connection between the scent of the spray and a loaded Kong, but she’s all for it now. And her feet feel SO MUCH better. You should be proud, it’s a great product!

Thanks Elyse. Hobie feels completely pampered. He just loves Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws!

Hi, I love your product! I have a Cocker Spaniel who goes hiking with us in Arizona and swimming with us at the beach in CA. Her poor paws take a beating with the rough desert terrain and sandy beaches. Thank you for this wonderful product!

Bentley, our 4 year old English Bulldog has suffered from one skin ailment or another his entire life. Rashes on his belly, sores and bleeding on his chin, and most prevelent are the cysts that have plagued his poor bulldog feet! He gets large, infected cysts between his toes, and constantly licks at them, and drags blood all over the house when they eventually pop. We have tried every combination or food, and powder, and drops, and new bedding, new bowls, new toys….EVERYTHING! We were at the Tempe Art Festival in December walking around, and checking out the booths. We came across the Sweet Pea’s booth, and after a quick chat decided we had nothing to lose.
The results where beyond explanation. His feet looked better after less than a week, and completely cleared up after 2 weeks! I mean, not one cyst, not one drop of blood, no more insesent licking. Nothing. Just adorable, fat, turned in bulldog feet…just like God intended! It has been 5 months since we started on Sweet Pea’s, and we only spray his feet now about one time a week, and they stay looking terrific. After we spray his feet, we rub the excess off and rub it into his chin, and it doesn’t have any more warts or bumps or bleeding either.
If I didn’t know better I would say he is darn near normal now….well, as normal as a bulldog can be! Thanks to Sweet Pea’s, Bentley can now do what Bulldogs are meant to do, nothing….just sleep…and fart. Can sweet pea’s do something the farting? 🙂
Thanks so much for the great product, for making Bentley a happy healthy Bully, and for taking the endless stress of trying to solve the problem ourselves! I wish we would have found Sweet Pea’s years ago. Cheers!

Zoe loves your product (purchased at the Tempe Art Fair). We have been using GentlePaws, Zoe has no allerges that I know of, I just like the citrus smell.

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