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Safety in the Dog Days of Summer

  With the “Dog Days of Summer” quickly approaching, it’s a great time to refresh our memories on some summer pet safety! How many times have you seen people out walking their dogs in 100-degree plus weather? It’s so frustrating to see, and when approached,...

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Phoenix Pet Expo 2014

We had a really fun day at this year's Phoenix Pet Expo; Here's a few pictures of our highlights. Sweet Pea stayed home this year, but her buddy Charlie came to meet some of Sweet Pea's fans and had a blast learning to catch a frisbee - which took zero teaching and...

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Doggie Date Night!

Doggie Date Night Saturday March 15th, 2014 5:00 PM until 09:00 PM Location: Franciscan Renewal Center Map: 5802 E. Lincoln Dr. Scottsdale AZ 85253 Join us for a free, fun night with other like-minded pet-lovers. Gates Open: 5:00 pm - shopping, food trucks 5:15 -...

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EARoma thEARapy Reviews

We love reviews of our products! ...not just because we get a lot of attention from it, although that's sure nice too!  We love that others are loving our products as much as Sweet Pea and the NP Pack do, because that's really why we're here. So here's a few reviews...

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Sweet pea would like to thank all of the dogs that expressed themselves so well! It was a tough competition and when the hanging chads were finally counted and recounted, and then verified by the accounting firm of Sullivan, Wasowski, and Pea.... The Winners were...

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Losing Sight of her World

Anyone who knows us, knows that our Cocker Spaniel, Sweet Pea has lead a privileged life when it comes to love and attention.  She’s our oldest child; our human kids refer to her as their big sister.  So when she was diagnosed with acute glaucoma around 4 years ago,...

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EXPRESS YOURSELF photo contest!

Natural Paws is so excited to offer up our biggest contest yet!  Send in your pet's best self-expression in a photo, and you could win BIG!  We have over $500 in prizes from Natural Paws and our pawsome sponsors, Bonnie's Barkery, RD Alchemy Natural Products, and Pet...

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Amazing Facts About a Dog’s Ears

[social_share/] Floppy, folded, small, large—dogs’ ears come in many shapes, but they all serve the same purpose: as funnels for sound. Did you know that at least 18 muscles work to tilt, raise and rotate these furry appendages, helping the dog identify and capture...

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Holistic Dog Care Starts With The Paws

Welcome to the Natural Paws Blog! Being our first post, it seems natural to start with what inspired us in our journey, and that began with paw care. Dogs, like people, are intricate beings. Organs, bones, muscles, and fluids, and all of this housed and protected by...

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New Look For Natural Paws!

NATURAL PAWS REVEALS NEW LOOK FOR DOG PAW & SKIN REMEDIES Natural Paws has redesigned the look of its veterinarian-recommended Sweet Pea's Paws line of holistic paw and skin remedies for dogs.  The labels will showcase the primary uses of the products, as well as...

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