Clean ears without flooding!


Ease itch without steroids!


Stop the licking and chewing!


Stop the licking and chewing!


Stop the licking and chewing!

The Sprayable Solution to keeping paws, skin and ears feeling their best!

Help your dog feel better… Naturally

Natural Paws offers veterinarian-recommended, no mess solutions to make you the hero of your dog’s ear health, paw comfort, and itchy skin care.
Yes, we were reading your mind!

Customer Comments

Our family is pretty new to Natural Paws, but LOVING it!! We have 3 dogs, all rescues: a 6 year old boy corgi named Hemi, a 3 year old Canaan girl named Nibbler, and a 10 month old boxer/bully girl named Bug. I originally bought the Active Paws spray for Bug. She runs 3-5 miles daily and I wanted something that would help keep her paws in good condition. And Active Paws has definitely done that. But it’s done so much more than what I bought it for…

Laura, Arizona