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Natural Paws creates effective, holistic remedies using nature’s abundance, to relieve common skin ailments in dogs. Natural Paws has earned the trust of veterinarians, naturopaths, and pet parents to help their dogs feel better…naturally! See the difference for yourself with our sprayable solutions for keeping paws, skin, and ears feeling their best!

Safe, Effective Solutions for Paws, Skin, & Ears

Sweet Pea’s Paws™ line of organic paw pad skin remedies provide  recovery for dry, cracked paw pads as well as problematic licking or chewing of the paws & skin. 

EARoma thEARapy is the solution for recurring ear infections.

Ditch The Itch relieves itchy bodies on contact.

SPRAYABLE ear wash! EARoma thEARapy™

Natural Paws presents the first ever sprayable ear wash, so you can clean dogs’ ears WITHOUT FLOODING them! EARoma thEARapy™ delivers Natural Paws’ signature botanical bliss to your dog’s ears, gently cleaning, soothing, and disinfecting ears with none of the mess.

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What Nature Gives Us

Nature’s garden provides us with an amazing bouquet of healing herbs, soothing oils, and invigorating aromas. Used with care, these amazing botanicals can provide healing, elasticity, aromatherapy, detoxification, mood enhancement, and so much more.

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What Our Customers are Saying

“I have a black Lab named Nala. I take her jogging with me and I noticed that her paws were always dry and they scratched me when she would even touch me with them. I used (Sweet Pea’s) TenderPaws once and noticed an immediate difference! I love this product and love that the product is all natural as well. I also love…”

Laura H.

“It took a while for Bentley to get use to me paying so much attention to his feet, but now he will gladly submit to the pampering and love! And what a difference it has made! Until Elyse introduced this product to me, I had no idea that my pooch’s paws needed attention. Both Bentley and I thank you for creating such a…”


“Ned’s paws were rough and dry, to the point that they would shred some of our blankets. Whether we were walking him in the winter through streets full of ice and salt, in the summer on hot sidewalks, or any time of year through parks and dog runs in the city, TenderPaws helped smooth his paws so he licks them less, and…”


“Our family is pretty new to Natural Paws, but LOVING it!! We have 3 dogs, all rescues: a 6 year old boy corgi named Hemi, a 3 year old Canaan girl named Nibbler, and a 10 month old boxer/bully girl named Bug. I originally bought the Active Paws spray for Bug. She runs…”



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Human-grade, organic ingredients; simple & clean application; built-in herbal aromatherapy; non-toxic & non-greasy with defense against bacterial, viral, and fungal infections… Sweet Pea’s Paws are the perfect way to refresh and renew from a full day of play. It’s The Natural Approach to Paw Care!