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3 Effective Ways to Keep Dog Allergies to a Minimum

It’s Springtime, and everything is in bloom. Here in Arizona, this tends to mean that yellow flowers and green grasses and shrubs are plentiful. It’s so pretty to see, and it’s a joy to venture out into it for hikes, walks, and other outdoor adventures while it’s so lovely out. But if you’re sensitive to the pollen and grasses, it’s tough to enjoy the beauty without feeling the effects.

Dogs are no stranger to these allergies, and those with seasonal allergies (rather than an allergy to an ingested trigger like food) will do whatever it takes to find a moment of relief. Who can blame them? It’s tough to suddenly have itchy feet, itchy skin, and irritated ears & eyes!

For a dog, finding relief on their own tends to consist of licking, nibbling and biting, scratching (and scratching and scratching), and rubbing themselves on anything they can find. These actions can confuse pet owners, because isn’t it counter-intuitive to lick, chew, or scratch oneself to the point of breaking the skin? But in that moment, the dog is finding a microsecond of “Aaah”. Never mind that it’ll be worse afterward; dogs aren’t known for thinking those choices through! So the dog ends up at the veterinarian, for a heavy helping of steroids, oral antihistamines, or other serious medications.

Most dog parents will tell you that they’d much rather not drug their dogs, nor spend the hundreds of dollars that regimen ends up costing. They’d rather go with a natural, safe remedy…if only it works!

It can be difficult to “go rogue” and find a natural solution without the veterinarian’s blessings, so many people continue the expensive, troubling route they so dislike, to bring their dog some relief. But if the veterinarian were to actually recommend a natural product without any side effects, and for a reasonable price, well that would be a dream come true!

Elyse Horvath, the founder of Natural Paws, has heard this one many times. “At Natural Paws, we’re so proud that our natural anti-itch dog products are recommended and scripted by so many veterinarians,” Elyse explains, “as it takes that worry away from the parent and gives a natural, affordable option before jumping into a medicated one.”Having the blessings of veterinarians can make a person so much more comfortable with a new product choice.”

There are some other ways to keep dogs’ allergies to a minimum, by doing simple but effective things:

1. Wiping down the dogs’ paws and bellies when they come in from outside.

This won’t solve everything, but it will lessen the contact of the allergen which in turn can dramatically reduce the allergic reaction. Plus, it keeps the allergens out of the living space, which is a big deal over time!

If you want to deep clean your dog after a hike but don’t have enough time, energy or just simply don’t want to dry out your delicate dog’s skin you can use a dry shampoo like Dry Clean Dog, a great solution for a dog who needs sprucing up.

2. Supplement the dog’s food with a little coconut or fish oil.

These act as natural anti-inflammatory agents from the inside and can provide some relief via general body health. Your favorite local natural pet market can recommend a great supplement to add the benefits of rich Omega 3 fatty acids.

3. Pay attention to the cues your dog is sending.

This is the key to a really comfortable and fun Spring season is, and if they’re licking, scratching, or rubbing in a new or troublesome way, taking careful, thoughtful actions can make all the difference!

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