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Your Dog’s Allergies Affect the Whole Family; 3 Steps to Tackling Canine Allergies

Dogs are our best buddies, our sidekicks. The family dog can be a source of joy and stress-relief for the whole pack, by virtue of their loyalty and unwavering desire to please. If someone is in need, the dog is there to help with companionship, snuggles, and kisses. So when our dogs are affected by …

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3 Effective Ways to Keep Dog Allergies to a Minimum

It’s Springtime, and everything is in bloom. Here in Arizona, this tends to mean that yellow flowers and green grasses & shrubs are plentiful. It’s so pretty to see, and it’s a joy to venture out into it for hikes, walks, and other outdoor adventures while it’s so lovely out. But if you’re sensitive to the pollen and grasses, it’s tough to enjoy the beauty without feeling the affects.

Dogs are no stranger to these allergies, and those with seasonal allergies (rather than an allergy to an ingested trigger like food) will do whatever it takes to find a moment of relief. Who can blame them? It’s rough to suddenly have itchy feet, itchy skin, and irritated ears & eyes! For a dog, finding relief on thier own tends to consist of

Nature is a Multi-Tasker?!

One of the really wonderful things about the tremendous healing in nature is that there’s typically not one lone benefit for any one herbal species. There can actually be many benefits of each plant, which is such a gift! So why do many natural products contain so many similar ingredients? Are the products with fewer ingredients safer, or are they more effective? Is more better?