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Your Dog Is Ready To Ditch The Itch!

If you know Natural Paws, you know that everything we’ve done from 2003 on was to make Sweet Pea feel better…naturally. She was our inspiration, and we were able to help SO many others with the same problems she had, to feel better too.


Now that we’ve had to move on, we shifted our focus to YOU, our customers who have entrusted us with your dogs’ paws and ears. We asked what you needed help with that wasn’t covered in our product offerings, and you told us loudly and clearly, you needed ITCH relief for your dogs.

Your dogs are itchy! Their folds, creases, bellies, legs…your dogs are biting themselves, licking to the point of fur loss, scratching all night. These poor pups need relief! You’ve been to the vet, made diet changes, and many of you have your dogs on anti-histamine drugs, corticosteroid injections, pills, and the list goes on.


You told us you wanted a natural option, and we said heck yes. And now, after months of formulation with the help our resident peptide chemist and all-around herbal genius, Regina DiSilvestro of RD Alchemy, we are proud to announce your solution, made especially for your dog, Ditch The Itch All-Over Body Spray.

Ditch The Itch works on contact to relieve the allergic, dry skin causing your dog to scratch and bite, using root extracts, flower and plant essences, and select essential oils. Simply shake it up, spray it wherever your dog is itchy, and give your dog a wink, because you know he’s about to breathe a sigh of relief. Use as often as needed, knowing that like all of our products, Ditch the Itch is natural, non-stinging, and safe if licked.


DTI 4oz 2016

“He doesn’t spend half his life gnawing on his legs and paws! Absolutely, we will continue to use Ditch the Itch. Immediate results. You can’t beat that.” -Brittney, Gangster’s Mom

“Jake is doing SO MUCH better!!  I am including 3 new pictures of his tummy area which is where he suffered from severe itching and scratching and that I used your spray on him.  It worked great.  After using it just 4 days in a row he stopped itching and scratching and the redness went away and the sores healed up.  As you can see in the photos there is no more redness and no scabs on the sores – his skin is almost 100% back to normal!  Thank you so much for the spray – it is WONDERFUL!!  I really appreciate it!” – Mariette, Jake’s Mom

I honestly can’t believe the change in Rosa. I’ve used the spray a total of 3 times. After each application (3 sprays and then I rub it in) she literally stops itching for numerous days! It’s really remarkable the change in her!!!

I can’t stress enough what a positive change this has been for Rosa. She typically chews and gnaws during the night and I know for a fact she sleeps now. The other interesting thing is she has more of an appetite which is wonderful since she needs to gain a few! I do plan to continue use. It’s been the most effective product I have found!” -Maureen, Rosa’s Mom

“Fantastic results. Once spray was used, licking and chewing on feet stopped almost instantly. Rubbing Ditch the Itch into allowed me and Ziggy to connect, since he loves human contact. Ziggy spent less time working on his paws and feet, and more time snuggling or playing. I plan on continuing to use.” -Robert, Ziggy’s Dad

“Her nose was quite red, swollen, and raw from rubbing against the carpet. it looks much better now as long as we keep up with the spray regularly. Seems more restful. It’s definitely helping as she’s not rubbing her face on the carpet…” -Michael, Petunia’s Dad


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