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How to Stop your Dog’s Ear Infections with Sprayable Ear Wash

EARoma thEARapy | Natural Paws

When an unpleasant but necessary task has been done the same way throughout the years, it can be tough to take a step back and ask,

“Is there a better way?”

HOW IT STARTS | In the case of cleaning our dogs’ ears, let’s touch briefly of the anatomy of the canal. The dog’s ear canal is shaped sort of like a capital L, and so when we pour cleanser in there, it goes down a path that’s difficult to return. Because of this, liquid cleanser tends to get trapped deep in the canal. For dogs with floppy ears or dogs who aren’t super active, that moisture doesn’t have much opportunity to dry out.  After pouring liquid cleanser into the ear, that dark, now moist environment in the canal provide an opportunity for infections, particularly fungal ones, and you’ll soon notice your dog shaking his head to try to get the moisture out as well as scratching repeatedly because it’s SO itchy!

RECOGNIZING THE CYCLE | For these reasons, Sweet Pea the cocker spaniel was always back and forth to the vet, and we usually had prescription drops on hand, as well as medicated cleansers. Sound familiar? At one point, we realized the cycle…her ears started to look like they were ready for a cleaning (or smell like it!) and we’d use a pour-in cleanser (we tried many different types). I was meticulous about trying to get the ear dried out, using cotton pads, Q-tips, and exercising her right after to get her long, beautiful ears moving to allow for some fresh air in there.

Then it hit me; every time I clean her ears, I’m creating a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria! But I had to clean her ears; they got dirty and she was a dog who produced a LOT of ear wax.

THE FIX | So we did what we always do when we realize an opportunity exists to improve our dogs’ lives…innovation! We worked to develop a natural dog ear cleansing product with a formula which would be powerful enough to be effective using a much smaller amount while using the spray delivery we’re now known for to deliver the product evenly in the outer ear and send just enough into the canal. The key to this being effective yet also allow the moisture to dissipate, was the ability for the skin to use every bit of the liquid and for the liquid itself to have natural astringent qualities. What we ended up with has become “EARoma thEARapy”, and it kept Sweet Pea’s ears healthy and infection-free for the rest of her life. It’s now helped so many other dogs with similar issues, which has us tickled to bits. We hope that it can be of help to your pack as well!

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