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Your Dog’s Allergies Affect the Whole Family; 3 Steps to Tackling Canine Allergies

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Dogs are our best buddies, our sidekicks. The family dog can be a source of joy and stress-relief for the whole pack, by virtue of their loyalty and unwavering desire to please. If someone is in need, the dog is there to help with companionship, snuggles, and kisses.

So when our dogs are affected by discomfort from allergies, we notice. We see the scratching, head-shaking, rubbing, and licking, and want to fix it like the dog always tries to fix everything for us. Moreover, it’s especially noticeable when the scratching, head-shaking, rubbing, and licking happens in our beds while we try to sleep. SO frustrating!!

Which leads to the question of what we can do to help our dogs to feel better in the midst of all of that frantic search for calm. There are lots of medicines to pull from, in the canine world of medicine as well as the often-overused human meds like oral anti-histamines.

Hey, no judgment here. Things can get out of hand and sometimes the quick and easy fix is what’s needed in a pinch. But generally speaking, we’d all like to keep our dogs off of hard-core medicines, chemicals, and steroids, right?

There are some things that can be done pretty simply to curb the frustrating symptoms which seasonal allergies bring with them, in addition to using safe & natural allergy relief products, and most of them can be done without spending a dime. Check out these tips for reducing allergens in your dog’s life, and thus allowing everyone a bit of peace.

1. Keep Outside, Outside

Walks and hikes are awesome. They’re a great exercise for dog and human alike, and excellent for the psyche as well. But dogs are all up in the allergens when out and about, so when arriving home, take a minute or two to wipe down the paws (this is also a great time to use one of Natural Paws’ paw relief sprays like Sweet Pea’s GentlePaws for recovery) and wipe down the dog’s coat from head to tail, chin to belly, and along the legs. Using a natural dry shampoo can also help to catch more hitchhiking allergens, especially if your dog likes to roll in stuff.

2. Keep It Clean

Allergens within the home can add up quickly. Keeping the home environment clean improves the allergy build-up in our living space, and also the air quality for everyone. Washing the dog beds (or the dog bed covers if they are removable) on a regular basis can make a really significant impact. Using natural cleaning products is also an important key here, as chemical cleaning products can cause even more problems, and definitely won’t help the issue.

3. Brush over Bath

Baths are great, and that clean dog smell can’t be beat. But bathing too much can dry out the dog’s skin and cause further irritation. Bathe your dog with a natural shampoo made for dogs, at least once a month but no more than once per week. In the interim, brushing is so nice for the dog’s coat, allowing the shedding to happen in the brush rather than on the couch. Plus, brushing feels luxurious for a dog with a case of skin itchiness. Brushing is not just good for the coat, but it helps the dead skin cells to escape, and if you use a great natural dry shampoo (you know which we recommend!) it can help to grab those skin cells and allergens and pull them off the dog’s body. Plus, it feels so great to the dog! It’s like a massage! The only thing that feels even better, is following the experience up with some natural itch relief like Ditch the Itch. 

If your dog has seasonal allergies, these tips are so effective, especially when used along with amazing products developed to keep your dog off the pills and shots. However, if the problem is year-long and you suspect a food allergy, it’s best to consult your veterinarian and start figuring out just what your dog is eating that could be a culprit. During this sometimes lengthy process, using a safe and natural itch relief product like Ditch the Itch can help ease the suffering and heal the skin while you’re working on the mysteries of your dog’s food sensitivities. 

Using these simple tips can tip the scales in your favor when making choices about allergies. For more information about allergies and natural dog care, subscribe to our newsletter and check out Natural Paws’ holistic feel-better sprays for your canine family’s well being.

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