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All About Lilly

All About Lilly

Lilly is a sweet, playful, smart five and a half month old puppy.  She’s a rescue mutt, but since she was born while her mother was in foster care, she has been lucky to have had a very happy life.  Here’s a little about her quirky little self, to help you get to know her and make your breed guess!


Age: 5.5 months

Height: 16”

Weight: 28.4 pounds

Length: 21”

Coat: Single layer hair, yellow in color.  Whiskers are very light and thick.

Markings: Her nose was all black, and now has some pink in it.  Her hair is very light as you move towards her paws, and her back has a bit more saturation, a deep yellowish-tan.  Her ear tips are almost a reddish buff!

Ears: Flop, but with a little lift. Sometimes they get flipped over the wrong way, but she never seems to care to try to flip them back.

Energy: High-energy.  Her very first time hiking, she powered to the top of the mountain and wanted more.  She was barely 4 months old at the time!

Playtime: Yes, please!  She absolutely goes bonkers for humans and playing with anyone, but when it comes to playing hard, is a dog’s dog.  She’s super friendly, on or off leash, and will happily start or join most dog piles in a wrestling match.  She does get a little nervous around the neighborhood’s Bull Mastiff, but I think that’s because he’s a puppy too and doesn’t yet know that he’s gigantic.

Quirks: She loves figuring out ways to be sneaky, and plays heavily with her paws and mouth.  When she sees something flittering in the wind, she MUST pounce on it.  When strange noises present themselves, she will twist her little head every which way to try to figure them out.  And please keep this on the down-low, but she also has trouble restraining her piddle when there’s too much excitement, like when someone says “hi” to her.

Want to know more before guessing her breeds?  Ask a question here, and as long as it’s not a total giveaway to answer it, we’ll play along.  And here’s a great video from Wisdom Panel, showing a deeper look at genetics.  It’s not too sciencey; my 4-year old watched it three times!


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