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EARoma thEARapy Reviews

We love reviews of our products!

…not just because we get a lot of attention from it, although that’s sure nice too!  We love that others are loving our products as much as Sweet Pea and the NP Pack do, because that’s really why we’re here.

So here’s a few reviews of our newest sprayable therapy; from bloggers, Veterinarians, and regular people who love their dogs!

“I’m excited to be using EARoma thEARapy in my veterinary practice.  The dogs are at ease with the spray application, and my clients are happy to have a natural, clean product to use on their dogs’ ears.  It works really well and smells great!”  – Dr. Jason Kanarish, Phoenix Mountain Animal Hospital

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“I wanted to let you know that we are very impressed with the ear cleaner, we’ve been using it on lots of different dogs, and I think we’ve had good results…  On the ones that we’ve done here in the salon we’re very impressed with it.”  -Linda, Owner Hug N Pups Grooming Salon

“I’m a huge fan of this product. One of our dogs has yeasty ears at times (not an ear infection, but a precursor) and all of our dogs hate having their ears cleaned. This is a great option that works! We use this product and we’re huge fans! Our dogs no longer get that yeasty smell in their ears. Keeping their ears clean was a chore, but this product makes it so much easier.” – Kimberly G.

“We just bought and tried EARoma for our corgi, who has always been prone to ear infections and wax build-up. We had been using the standard ear rinse that you can buy anywhere. He would tolerate it, but he didn’t like it and it always made sort of a stinky mess when he’d shake his head. So we gave EARoma a shot and he really preferred the spray to the rinse. I still rubbed his ear around to get it worked in a little. And then I cleaned his ears out with q-tips and a cotton pad. It did a great job of breaking up the ear wax, and left his ears smelling great. AND no mess!! Plus he seemed to enjoy it a lot more than the rinse. It’s a great alternative, definitely worth it especially if you have someone who needs his ears cleaned regularly.” -Laura G.

Have you got something to say about EARoma thEARapy, or any of our paw & skin products? We’d love to hear all about it!

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