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In Memory of Sweet Pea


Loss is a part of life.

I believe that to fully understand how difficult the loss of a loved one can be, one needs to love another with their very essence.  There’s a vulnerability that comes hand in hand with giving of ourselves in this way, which is part of why it is so difficult to accept when we lose someone so cherished.

We are so deeply heartbroken to bring the news of Sweet Pea’s passing to her dear friends and fans.  Sweet Pea crossed the rainbow bridge on June 13, 2014, in the loving arms of her family.  She is profoundly missed in every aspect of our lives. We will continue to mourn her passing, while finding the strength to revel in the countless, wonderful memories she has blessed our days and years with.  She was our first child, our children’s first pet, our soul companion, and our greatest teacher.

When Sweet Pea came into our lives, we had no idea the impact she would have on us.  We loved dogs, and we knew right away that we loved her, but sometimes a special pet comes along and steals your heart in a way you didn’t realize was possible…this is the essence of what Sweet Pea did for us.  And even with that new level of mutual love and adoration, even after she crawled into our hearts and our traditions and worked her way into everything from our exercise routines to our children’s nurseries, she took us to another level when she came to inspire us to change our life’s path.  In turn, Sweet Pea has positively affected so many more people and dogs with the products she inspired.  We take comfort in knowing that her legacy will continue.  We take pride in making that happen in her name, and in her memory.  Our angel on earth has gone home.

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