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Natural Paws announced the winners of their “tell your story” contest today. Laura Gilpin has won the grand prize, and the runners up are Tyler Matney and Dana Evans as a close 2nd and 3rd. Natural Paws extends a sincere thanks for all of the thoughtful and heartfelt entries, all of which will win prizes from the company.

The winning story came from Laura, “mom” of 3 rescue dogs, Hemi (corgi), Nibbler (canaan), and Bug (boxer/bulldog). Laura will be receiving a decadent Natural Foot Care Basket from RD Alchemy Natural Products (, featuring a full array of signature Medistep (Human) Foot Care products worth $60. According to her entry in the contest, she “originally bought the ActivePaws spray for Bug. She runs 3-5 miles daily and I wanted something that would keep her paws in good condition. And ActivePaws has definitely done that. But it’s done so much more than what I bought it for.” Her Corgi, Hemi, has had an ongoing “knuckling” issue, causing bleeding in the nails and skin and extreme discomfort. “He has become very sensitive about us touching his feet,” Laura writes, “He always fears pain is coming…but I started using ActivePaws on him…it must have felt really good because now, it’s like his ‘spa’ time. He loves getting his paws sprayed and rubbed down with (Sweet Pea’s) ActivePaws.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Laura has found yet another use for her new favorite product. “My white boxer/bully, Bug, has extremely sensitive skin. On several occasions he has broken out in hives due to coming into contact with chemical (in shampoos, flea & tick treatments).” Laura quickly discovered that she already had the tool she needed. “It turns out (Sweet Pea’s) ActivePaws has Neem and Cedar essential oil in it, both which are natural insect repellents. I know Bug already does well with (Sweet Pea’s GentlePaws), so it’s amazing to be able to use it as a flea & tick treatment as well. Natural Paws has helped our four-pawed family to live a healthier, happier chemical-free life together…”

The runners-up are also compelling stories. Tyler used Sweet Pea’s GentlePaws to help his English bulldog, Bentley, who “has suffered from one skin ailment or another for his entire life” describes Tyler, “Rashes on his belly, sores and bleeding on his chin, and most prevalent are cysts that have plagued his poor bulldog feet!” Tyler goes on to explain that the cysts, painful and bloody at the start of treatment, were markedly better after a week, and completely gone after 2 weeks. “We only spray his feet now about one time a week, and they stay looking terrific…he doesn’t have any more warts or bumps or bleeding either.”

Dana had been on a 6-month search for a remedy for her 2 golden retrievers, both with leg and hip problems (and “unique walking styles” to compensate), which led to worn and torn paw pads. “Despite the leg and hip limitations for Preston and Lola, they run and jump hard and fast, as if nothing was wrong – until they stop and rest…after 2-1/2 years, the puppies were showing wear and tear, coarse, rough texture, multiple cracks, and eventual tearing of the pad…they were both limping to walk…” explained Dana. After her search, including many pet stores large and small, as well as experimentation with human products, she was frustrated that these dogs did not respond to any paw treatment she had bought. She finally found Natural Paws at the Fiesta Cluster Dog Show and after laboring over the label to ensure she was comfortable with the ingredients, bought her first bottle of Sweet Pea’s TenderPaws. “Within 3 days of treatment,” recalled Dana, “Lola and Preston’s pads began to respond and show visible and tactile improvement…my single regret is that we did not photograph the ‘before’ paw pads now that the ‘after’ pads look and feel healthy…no other product even came close!”

RD Alchemy provides organic herbal body & skin care products for health, beauty, massage, and spa, and has been featured in gifting suites for the Emmys, Golden Globes, and Oscars.

Sweet Pea’s Paws line are the original, organic paw pad and skin remedy sprays for dogs, carefully developed with human-grade botanicals to give dogs’ paw pads and hot spots the natural elements needed for relief and recovery. Essential oils provide holistic benefits, neutralizing allergy symptoms, infections, and inflammation, while building skin strength and providing gentle aromatherapy.

RD Alchemy provides organic herbal body & skin care products for health, beauty, massage, and spa, and has been featured in gifting suites for the Emmys, Golden Globes, and Oscars. Regina DiSilvestro, the owner of RD Alchemy Natural Products, has taught herbalism, natural product chemistry, pharmacology and ethnobotany for over ten years and has been a certified herbalist and practitioner since 1996.

Natural Paws is an Arizona company dedicated to helping dogs in many ways; from directly improving their comfort and well-being through natural products, to giving aid through adoption events and support. More information can be found at

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