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Natural Paws reports that veterinarians are now endorsing the company’s Sweet Pea’s Paws line, the first holistic spray to soothe and repair troubled paw pads and skin, using a blend of human grade, organic essential oils and infused herbs.

“I have been using Natural Paws for the past year at my vet clinic,” says Dr. Remen of Desert Tails Animal Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ. “My clients and patients seem better off since starting on Natural Paws and I have been pleased with the results I have seen.” Dr. Remen isn’t the only one. Dr. Kanarish of Phoenix Mountain Animal Hospital states, “The product line enabled me to offer my patients a safe, effective long term treatment without the worry of side effects and potential drug resistance that may occur with other medications. I have found success using the line as a stand alone treatment, and in combination with other therapies.”

“What it shows is that not only are classically trained Veterinarians looking to holistic remedies to round out what they are doing, but their clients also appreciate the addition of natural products,” states Elyse Horvath, founder of Natural Paws. “We’re pleased to be able to offer them such products, especially with how effective they can be for problems that pet owners didn’t realize there was treatment for.”

Natural Paws’ product line has become a consistently recommended remedy for dog paws and skin at veterinary clinics around the company’s base in Phoenix, as well as numerous grooming and boarding facilities, where problems are often seen earlier on. Linda Den Beste, owner/manager of Hug N Pups Grooming Salon, has used the therapies on dogs with growths on their paw pads. “Both growths went away, saving one doggy from surgery.” Den Beste also recalls an English Bulldog with smelly, infected facial creases and red inflamed paws. “The results were amazing, with the creases clear and smelling good, and the paws are normal color showing no inflammation.”

The news gives accolades to the Sweet Pea’s Paws line, while adding natural and organic solution products to supporting Veterinarians’ arsenal of treatment options for the animals in their care. Dr. Remen supports this thinking. “My clients, who try it, come back asking for more. I plan to continue using this product line in the future.”

Sweet Pea’s Paws line are the original, all-natural paw pad sprays for dogs, carefully developed with human-grade botanicals to give dogs’ paw pads and skin irritations the natural elements needed for relief and recovery. Natural Paws is the company behind the Sweet Pea’s Paws line of natural and organic remedies for dogs’ dry, cracked paw pads and skin ailments. Natural Paws is dedicated to helping dogs in many ways; directly improving their comfort and well-being through natural products, and giving to dogs in need by donating to local rescue organizations. More information can be found at

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